Plovdiv is the second largest and important city in Bulgaria. It is situated on both banks of Maritsa River in the Upper Valley at 42 ° 9 ‘north latitude and 24 ° 45′ east longitude, and the lowest point is at 160 m above sea level. The area is 101.981 square kilometers with population about 365,000 people.

In world’s fastest shrinking nation, the ancient city of Plovdiv is bucking the trend

It is the world’s fastest shrinking nation, with young people leaving in droves for other corners of Europe, birth rates falling off dramatically, and even Syrian and Afghans refugees fleeing war are bypassing it for sunnier or more lucrative areas of the globe. Bulgaria has lost nearly 2 million of its 9 million inhabitants since the end of communism 30 years ago. Corruption casts a dark cloud over the capital, Sofia.

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