About 800 rowers from 40 countries are expected in Plovdiv for the World Rowing Cup

About 800 rowers from 40 countries are expected in Plovdiv for the World Rowing Cup.

According to FISA rules, there are 3 rounds of the World Cup, and after the competition in Plovdiv are these in Poznan and Lucerne.

“ I am confident that after the World Championship in Plovdiv in 2018, which is the biggest competition in the FISA calendar, the current organization will not be a problem for us. The Organizing Committee and Plovdiv have a good experience, because in the last 6 years we have organized together the biggest possible competitions. There is no change in the Organizing Committee - people know the job. In the three racing days there will be a total of 20 disciplines - 6 for lightweight rowers and 14 for heavyweight rowers, " said Ivan Popov, the chairman of the Organising Committee.

According to preliminary information, the Bulgarian team will be made up of 5 single boats (skif). One woman and four men are taking part in the competition. The practice is to collect the points from the three rounds of the World Rowing Cup to bring out the 2019 winners in the racing disciplines.

The preparation for the race has already begun. Small repair works are carried out on the rowing channel, and the organizing committee works on the accommodation, transport and food for the teams. Prior to the race, the canal will be overwhelmed with the new white balls that outline the rowing corridors.

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